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The new BIG thing in training

Portable Skills are skills- and knowledge-sets that you take with you. They can be applied to your own business or to the benefit of a new employer.

Portable skills are gaining in popularity in South Africa, especially in the Mining Sector. These skills and courses are however not confined to the Mining Sector and many other industries can benefit from this form of training. The Mining Sector and the Defence Force uses portable skills to re-skill their employees before they retire or are retrenched. This form of re-skilling greatly benefits the employees and allows them to immediately start a new career, whether it is as an entrepreneur or working for a new employer.

Another great application for Portable Skills is to use it for community upliftment. By using this form of training in rural communities we can help them improve their prospects and help them to advance their livelihoods either through formal employment or self-employment. The aim of Portable Skills training is to provide life-long skills that each individual can use to the benefit of themselves, their families, and even their communities.

Portable Skills will be of interest to

  • The Mining Sector
  • The Defence Force
  • People about to retire
  • People about to be retrenched
  • People who wish for upliftment
  • Community training projects
  • Employers who wish to enrich their workforce
  • Any person who wishes to gain extra skills- and knowledge-sets

Our Courses

  • Further Education and Training Certificate in Early Childhood Development (NQF4)
  • Skills Programme in Early Childhood Development

  • Cook: Convenience Food HSP/CkConF/2/0019
  • Assistant Housekeeper HSP/AssHkr/2/0015

  • Further Education and Training Certificate: Tourist Guiding SAQA ID 71549 NQF Level 4
  • Tour Operator Workshop
  • Perform Basic Life Support and First Aid Procedures US 119567 NQF Level 1

  • Skills Programme Poultry Production
  • Skills Programme Vegetable Production