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Quick Overview

  • Become a culture guide and escort tourists through our country.
  • Learn how to create and manage your own tours.
  • Easily adaptable to expand your scope.

R14 950 per learner (VAT Inclusive)

Please note the Portable Skills Course for Tourism only include 2 Provinces as part of the course.

  • Contact period for Tourist Guiding training is 5 days, the learner is required to prepare for a practical weekend.
  • On completion of the practical weekend, the learner is required to successfully complete a portfolio of evidence.
  • During this period of portfolio building additional contact time is available for guidance and assistance.
  • Contact period for Tour Operator Programme is 5 day’s.
  • Contact period for the First Aid Level 1 is 2 day’s.
  • Total duration of the course is approximately 3 months, dependent on learner’s progress.

  • Working in the tourist industry
  • Knowledge on SA, Provinces, Sites, Nature, Biomes and Cultures
  • Design & conduct a guided experience
  • Conducting a guided cultural tour
  • First Aid Level 1
  • How to start and manage a small tour operator business.
  • Legal implications: Drivers licence, P.D.P, R.T.P, C.O.F, Pax Liability
  • Marketing in the tourism industry
  • Itinerary: Designing a guided experience
  • Infra structure: Your office, staff
  • Product knowledge: Accommodation (STO and rack rates, single supplement)
  • Programmes and quotes

Please contact us for minimum and maximum group sizes.

What is a Culture Guide?

A Culture Guide is a person that conducts extensive tours with an emphasis on cultural wealth, both to enlighten and entertain visitors. These guides are very well informed about the history of the different sites that are scattered throughout the provinces of South Africa and have a good overview of the diverse cultural elements of our country. A Culture Guide can operate in one province or qualify to work as a competent guide in numerous provinces or apply themselves to qualify as a National Guide.

Drum Beat Academy offers a CATHSSETA accredited Cultural Guide qualification. This course will enhance your skills as a guide and enable you to find work as a tourist guide in your chosen provinces. This course will let you travel throughout South Africa exploring and sharing our country with paying customers both local and international. Once qualified a Culture Guide can easily move between the provinces he/she is qualified for.

How Will Participants Be Equipped?

To ensure that the participants are equipped to start a new career, we present the following courses in our Skills Programme:

  • Further Education and Training Certificate: Tourist Guiding
    SAQA ID: 71549      CREDITS: 134      NQF LEVEL: 4
  • Tour Operator Workshop
  • First Aid Level 1
    Perform basic life support and first aid procedures
    SAQA ID: 119567      CREDITS: 5      NQF LEVEL: 1

Accreditation and Experience

Drum Beat Academy focuses on the training of people in tourist guiding and hospitality in the tourism industry.

Drum Beat Academy’s training is outcomes-based. Experiential learning is utilised as the primary training technique, enabling learners to learn through personal experimentation.

Our team consists of people with expertise in practical guiding as well as assessment and facilitation.

The team members are qualified in the programmes they facilitate. The team consists of:

  • Assessors
  • Facilitators
  • Moderators
  • Designers

Drum Beat Academy offers a CATHSSETA accredited Cultural Guide qualification.We’ve been training Tourist Guides since 1994 and obtained our CATHSSETA Accreditation in 2002.

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Vance Gray

Tel: +27 (0)12 460 9585

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